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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now, abc 2news at 11. >> not a lot out there but we could be looking at showers the next few days. what we are tracking on the radar coming up. >> don't you dare. i will give you everything back. >> did she ever. a 75-year-old goes face to face with a robber. what a story tonight. >> and three women attacked in ocean city. what you need to know. >> every time i was stressed or emotional or upset i would look for -- this to make me feel better. >> abc 2news, sit back and see if this could work. the news starts right now. not to bad out there for you. low humidity. breeze to catchful. >> july is leading up to a nice trend but of course august will be there heating up. let's take it one day at a
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time. wyatt, what we can expect. >> one day at a time. always a good idea. each day will vary just a little bit. probably wednesday late into thursday early, couple of different coastal systems moving in off shore. in the meantime it'll be a warm and almost tropical night with the heat index up in the mid80's. hour by hour into tomorrow, about 73 by five. noon tomorrow 83, upper 80s by tomorrow. that chance for showers tomorrow afternoon. more on that and two possible coast allises temperatures. >> last week 74-year-old vi ripkin was kidnapped and freed. tonight a nearly 75-year-old who was tested by a robber inside her own home. >> you never know what you will do in the comment. she made sure she would be around to enjoy other moments. abc 2news cheryl connor
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>> reporter: she was far getted by her age. she works out every day and was willing to fight the woman who wanted her purse and phone. tonight police are still searching for the suspect. >> tell you what. she won't reckon with me. >> reporter: a light heart after a heavy day at nearly 75 she wasn't laying down when a robber put up a fight. while out walk her dog around 83:00 she said good morning to the same woman who robbed her. >> i kicked her and punched her. >> reporter: the routine may have caught at tense of the female suspect. she walks her dog every morning in the valley crossing community. today she said hello to the woman and then noticed her turn around. immediately she was alarmed and headed back. she walked inside her unlocked front door and her suspicious was right. >> she kept saying i have a nye. i have a knife. i was like what do you want?
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she wouldn't answer me. i said don't you dare fight with a 75-year-old. i will give you everything back. >> reporter: and she did. the fighting moved to its basement. at one point the suspect had a knee on her neck nearly choking her. she said the suspect pulled out a knife, she didn't stab her but the force left her with several stitches, inside and outside her mouth. a neighbor saw her dog out and the front door shut. >> i rang the bell and she didn't come and i rang it again and she didn't come. then the dog was kind of -- strange cry so i ran -- rang the bell a third time and just standing there and then after a minute she came up and she was bleeding. >> reporter: the suspect left out a back door. her glasses were found and money but $40, her wallet and a cell phone are gone. she has been here 28 years
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after all this she is making a change. >> nice -- it's a good less soon to lock your door. >> reporter: tonight police have a very brief description of the suspect. a black woman in her 20s. it's possible she has custom breezes. she may need cosmetic work on but she is tough enough to go back home the same day she was attacked. she is confident she gave the robber a run for her money. >> i don't know about that. great. >> man. this man is a registered sex offender. he was living on chester river drive in graysonville but he may have been staying friends some blue field virginia. warrant has been issued for his arrest for failing to alert the sheriff that he moved he is scheduled to report coming up in september. >> tonight special attacks in ocean city. police have a warning for
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women. don harrison at the beach what's been happening in the resort town. >> it's like a party place. >> reporter: that's why a lot of people come to vacation. a resort feel with a boardwalk and beach and restaurants. you still have to be careful. >> over the course of the past, approximately the past month we have experienced three attempted sexual assaults. >> reporter: jessica waters believes they someone is targeting young females who are finishing up a night of partying. >> walking in poorly lit areas, he approached them, made a conversation and attempted to assault them it. >> reporter: on each occasion they were able to fight back and get away. police suggest that you always have abelian before you go out. especially at night, know where your friends are and keep in touch with them. >> we always try to take care of them and walk them back to their house just to make sure nothing was going to happen to them. >> you get caught up in the
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place and everybody else is partying and drinking and looking like they are having a good "time". you let your guard down. >> reporter: you shouldn't go out alone at night. >> it's tough. especially the bar, after you have been driving it's hard to make the judgement calls. >> reporter: if you feel you may have had to much to drink police have a suggestion. >> contact -- whatever restaurant or establishment you are frequenting, see if they have a way to get you home, a shuttle, maybe escort you to a bus or taxi. >> reporter: with the bars and nightclubs in the area, all three attacks have taken place between 15th and 62nd street. in ocean city. don harrison. abc news. >> a way to work for you right now. we are -- if you are heading down to the beach we want you to be safe. a buddy system is very important. never walk alone and if you have to go somewhere alone tell someone where are you going. the route you will take, avoid
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drinking to much. be aware of your surroundings and walk in well lit, highley traveled public places. >> baltimore police investigating the find of a body inside a home. the body was found thursday inside this house -- his family hadn't heard from him. firefighters found his body near the front door. they suspect he had been dead for days. his death has been rule ared a homicide. >> james holmes the suspect in colorado movie theater shooting made his second appearance. thehe judge didn't want contract cameras in. holmes is charged with 142 counts in the shooting that left 12 people dead. he is facing two first degree murder charges for each of the victims and two attempted first degree murder charges for all of the people hurt in the shooting. a hearing is set for august 9th to determine if the
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contents of a package sent to a counselor should be private. holmes is being held in jail. no charges for the man accused of threatening to hope fire. we told you about neil prescott on friday. he was taken into custody and since then he has -- officers say they found two dozen weapons in his apartment. today the state attorney said charges won't be immediate as the investigation continues. >> after that threat in a liting more than a week -- americans still remain divide on gun control. a new poll shows while 46% of americans say it's more important to protect the rightsst americans to own guns 47% say it's more important to control gun ownership. findings very similar to those done early in april. it's early 2011. >> the east beach section of
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sandy point state park is closed off to swimmers, because of high back tier found in water samples. east beach is mainly used as a camp. you rarely see swimmers but you do on south beach and that section safe. sandy place tested weekly during the summer, high bacteria count could be because of water temperature, water fowl and rainfall. >> it's getting bigger on monument street. that sink hole the city has been working on is growing. someplaces will have their water turned off . make sure everybody is safe. that will take about a week. >> close call in locust point ended with a thousand people evacuated today. a contractor was working on the 1100 block when they struck a gas main. employees in under armor, children and adults at a
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daycare -- were evacuated while they got things under control. it was stopped around one and everybody was able to go back home safely. no lingering gas. and from gas leaks to grande prix construction, construction starts tonight on that two mile race course running through downtown baltimore. mostly along the harbor and camden. the company designing the track said they will work sections, the grande prix happens labor day weekend and tickets are already on sale. the door at the barn deserves a double take. it reads closed until further notice. >> with that our 30 plus years of dancing, cracking crabs, cheering on the ravens ends for the moment. word spread that its last day was today. the owner wants to restructure his business as he tries to find a financially sound partner. >> we are closed today. we are working on some things to get back and make it better than ever. that's the idea.
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>> you miss it? >> i have to say yes. especially when the ravens start. >> chris woods parents met mere 27 years ago. lisa will miss the crabs, chris met her husband there. fred, just blade there on saturday night and bob we have lost a carnie classic. this is where local bands played. lots of memories at barn but it'll be back. >> it's time to join the tapping trend. >> no. we are tapping our -- our cheeks, eyelids, why you will be tapping after you see this. . and look up, the world isn't flatf. it was just think of all those who would have fallen off from texting. tonight the effects of
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distracted walking.
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. tap out after this. >> imagine gets getting rid of your stress. >> promoters of a new therapy say it works almost immediately. reports, skyrocketing in popularity. christian's stress was so bad she couldn't do simple things like filing her taxes or driving over bridges. >> i became paralyzed with fear. >> britney had emotional food cravings that were ruining her life. >> every time i was stressed or emotion or upset. . >> reporter: now they are both free of that because of alternative treatment called emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping.
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it involves simulating certain points while you focus on what's stressing you out. it can be done alone or with a therapist. >> how your body is that stressful -- and once you break the association in your mind. the effects [inaudible] one time it stays broken. >> reporter: they have published many small scale studies showing positive results. like this one. to be published in the october journal. it found stress hormone levels dropped 24% after tapping. month drop was found in the control group. >> the internal stress changed as their emotional state changed. >> reporter: not all researchers convinced. a study in canada found while it did show a significant decrease in stress and fear, tapping other parts of the body
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or even a doll offered the same results. more research needs to be done. >> has this tapping therapy been proven effective? we don't think so. >> reporter: britney and christine say they found their answers and are grateful that it has given them a new lease on life. >> they said stress and worry can be real serious issues but they are highley treatable, proven technique that suggest seeking a properly trained professional and it doesn't include tapping a well established technique just create. >> the summer heat a locked car can be deadly for a wild. you can byproducts but new study finds they aren't that helpful. devices with sensors are well intentioned but not reliable
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and some are useless by liquids or cell phones or if a child moves out of their position. they may give a false sense of security. experts say it's best to never leave children alone in a vehicle and keep keys out of reach so your kids can't go in the car. >> government officials and safety experts say distracted walking is a growing problem with smart phones and other electronic devices it's becoming dangerous. doctors are treating patient was injuries from facial fractures to sprained ankles. all because of distracted walking. some states have tried to pass distracted walking bills but all have failed. if you are walking, put the phone away, keep your head up, and look where you are going. speaking of our kids, all students need supply when is they head back to school. we want to make sure students get them that need them. abc2 is teaming up for the
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yearly back to school supply drive. it started today and runs through august 24th. you have plenty of time. the items need reasonable doubt backpacks, wide rule paper, com significance books and pens and pencils. you can drop off the supplies at any of the 20 learning center locations and if you want to learn more about the drive, log onto the website,abc >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified by weather rate. >> the week will be coastal -- two potential systems could impact the weather as we work through the week. the first off the coast. first a look at the radar. nothing more than a stray shower, day of changing weather. morning rain. mix of clouds and sun, beautiful finish over the chesapeake, belaire, nice look
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from charm city in the heart of hartford and ocean estimate always the place to be in the last days of july. here we find just a nice, quiet night. temperatures on the warm side. 74 degrees as we go past the 11:00 hour. humidity high. bit of easterly flow narcotic works to keep the high temperatures down this time of year. a bit of a cooling effect and of course off the atlantic waters, numbers showing that 77 at the beach. 77 easton. baltimore at 74 and the heat index values. ten degrees. even this late of night because of the moisture counts which are up around 70 on the dew point numbers, as we look tomorrow a similar day. a better chance for a pop up shower or storm. especially in the afternoon. we will get a cloud cover in, off that coastal disturbance and we will continue to look for a mix of sun and clouds through the day south into pasadena and annapolis. just a couple of passing clouds
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but the main system moves south and east. coastal runner, the north part of the system sliding north and over spreading cloud cover. the rain showers, they are on the center of the system off the cape and nag's head north carolina. it's a -- interesting storm system take will push quickly to the north but a new system will develop behind this one and will impact us from wednesday late into thursday it would appear. the future trend, take a careful look, passing further north. you see the center of that area of low pressure, several hundred miles off shore. the second wave of weather or second coastal system will develop into early wednesday. there is the center off just about wilmington or even charleston south carolina. that 6:00 wednesday so thiasus term will press north from wednesday late into thursdayf. that takes a turn inward that could mean a better chance for showers and storms into the
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latter part of the week. for now the first of two wild cards, that will make it further off shore. overnight 68, tomorrow we will keep the threat for showers and storms into the afternoon. 86 degrees. tomorrow it night down to 70, cloudy sky and seven day forecast, you know i think the best chances for rain will come tomorrow late and late wednesday in to the first part of thursday. enhance the shower chains and first part of sunday. it'll be august like temperatures for the first weekend of august. >> august like temperatures. >> what happened to july? >> what happened? >> still there for another day. >> didn't they just wrap up fireworks. >> jim johnson. did his rivera imitation. getting three big outs in the 9th as the orioles beat the yankees, 5-4 to 3406 to with in six and a half games of first
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place. markakis had three hits, wilson with a home run and gonzalez earned his third win of the year. the orioles winners today. tonight in new york and that's good. worst news out of ravens camp. we will learn tomorrow if dennis has a broken hand. the favorite target -- the chances that they could miss the rest of training camp. we will have to wait for tomorrow's news. >> more to tell you about on the news. coming up. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up on flight line from olympic chance -- everybody seems to be ditching foods that contain gluten. we go inside the debate. should you try going gluten free? >> and the former vice president telling us about his life saving heart transplant.
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. san diego zoo has a new addition. they we comed a baby panda cub yesterday. zoo coopers watched the camera inside the birthing den as the mom delivered. the zoo said it's the 6th giant panda cub born there and no other breeding facility outside china has delivered more. they won't know the gender for two months. now the cub is up with its mom. >> a new mom and dad deliver twins on separate highways on long island this weekend.
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the first was delivered on southern state parkway after they pulled over to wait for the ambulance. once the ambulance they continued to the hospital and on the way the second baby came along and the family arrived, everybody healthy and the hard work out of the way. that's like having a baby in two different counties. >> covers the miles. >> all right. >> i got it. >> all right. >> that was cute. >> right. >> yeah. >> mom wants to check the baby out first. >> -- we will see. midday tomorrow. 83 and 86 at four in the afternoon. august like temperatures in the outlook. as we wrap up july. a better chance tuesday and late thursday. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation.
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